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  • KENT MARINE Phytoplex

    KENT MARINE Phytoplex

    $22.99 $10.99

    product highlights KENT MARINE PHYTOPLEX is a complex of aqua-cultured, naturally-occurring phytoplankton that provides necessary proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids for a broad range of filter-feeding marine invertebrates. Containing Nannochloropsis,...

  • KENT MARINE Reef Carbon

    KENT MARINE Reef Carbon

    $29.99 $19.99

    product highlights KENT MARINE REEF CARBON contains essential Activated Carbon for use in marine and freshwater aquariums. Contains a fine coal-based carbon to remove organic pollutants, stain, and entrained toxic gases. Features: Removes organic...

  • Mardel® Maracyn Plus Disease Treatment

    Mardel® Maracyn Plus Disease Treatment

    $179.99 $165.99

    product highlights Fritz Aquatics Mardel Maracyn Plus helps to fight infections, and contains two powerful antibiotics, Trimethoprin and a Sulfonamide. This product makes use of a revolutionary technology that delivers the antibiotic directly to the fish...

  • Marineland® All-In-One Remedy

    Marineland® All-In-One Remedy

    $15.99 $13.99

    product highlights The Marineland All-In-One-Remedy attacks broad range of fish disease while treating external parasites, viral, fungal and bacterial infections. The all-in-one-remedy comes in a convenient pre-measured dose. Features: No guessworkUsed...