Shipping Cost Questions

  1. How do I calculate my shipping charges?

We have a shipping calculator tool available on our product pages and also the shopping cart page. Some items can not be shipped via UPS, due to size, weight and hazardous materials restrictions. Some items may also have additional hazardous-materials charges. Shipping and handling rates are subject to change without notice.

  1. If I have more than one item on my order and an item is on back order, do I get charged shipping twice?

Each item is charged shipping when it leaves. However, you are not charged any additional shipping from what was quoted at the time of the order. The shipping cost is pro-rated.

Order Tracking Questions

  1. How long will it take to receive my order?
    Estimated Delivery Times for Credit Approved In Stock Orders:
  • Standard and Truck: See map of delivery times.
  • Priority: 2 – 3 Business Days
  • Express: 1 – 2 Business Days
  • Items free ship (Free Ship): 3-5 Business Days
  1. How long do backordered items take to ship?
    It depends on the item. Product delivery is sometimes delayed for reasons out of our control. We are constantly monitoring our stock levels and receiving shipments at our distribution centers.
  2. How can I check the status of my order?
    Go to My Orders. Either sign in to see your entire order history or look up a single order by entering your order number and bill-to zip code, and then click “Find My Order”.
    If your order states a “Shipped” status it has left our warehouse. If your item(s) ship through UPS, FedEx, and YRC (truck) Freight, you will be able to track the package(s) by clicking “View Tracking”.
  3. My order has shipped, but there is no other information available. When will the information come in?
    Reasons can vary case by case, but you can assume the carrier has the order. For a standard ground shipment, the customer will receive an “Order Shipped” email when the distribution center processes the package. For example, if an offer ships on a Friday after the last pickup for the day, the carrier likely would not process packages again until Monday, causing a temporary communication gap.

If your order is factory-shipped, and you do not see a tracking number, please contact customer service.

  1. Why hasn’t my package moved for several days?
    All carriers handle deliveries differently, but many will only make deliveries to certain locations once or twice per week, especially in remote areas. In such cases the carrier will hold shipments at their terminal (usually in a larger town or city) for a few days. When there is enough volume to justify sending a truck to deliver multiple packages in a service area, the carrier will run a truck to that small community.
  2. Why does my package appear to go back and forth between the same cities?
    Every time UPS switches drivers on a route, their tracking system will show those changes as event scans. It will appear that the package is being handled several times and going back and forth between locations, but it is not. Most packages are actually handled no more than three times, from the time it is shipped up to delivery.
  3. When can a trace be initiated on my shipment?
  • Parcel Post – 14 working days after ship date.
  • UPS – 10 working days after ship date.
  • Truck Freight – 10 working days after ship date.

Carrier + Delivery Questions

  1. Do you ship outside the United States?
    NO, Lakpet do not ships to countries all over the world.
  2. What shipping carriers do you offer?
  • Parcel Post
  • UPS Ground
  • UPS 2nd and Next Day Air
  • FedEx 2nd and Next Day Air
  • Truck Freight – YRC, ABF, Old Dominion, Lakeville Motor Express, and UPS Freight (depending on your location)
  • Truck Freight Express – YRC Time Critical and ABF Timekeeper (depending on your location)

Shipping options vary depending on the type and quantity of merchandise you choose to buy and your shipping address.

  1. If I have an item shipped by truck freight is the driver responsible for unloading the merchandise?
    No, truck freight companies do not require their drivers to unload shipments. An additional lift gate charge will apply if the driver unloads the merchandise. The carrier will call and schedule the delivery when you’ll have unloading help on hand.
  2. Can I schedule my delivery?
    If your delivery is sent via UPS, you can sign up with UPS My Choice®, which gives the customer greater ability to track and schedule deliveries.

If your delivery is a truck shipment, the delivery company will call the customer and provide a delivery window. In most cases, a specific delivery time is not an option. Customers have the option to pick up their delivery at the carrier’s truck terminal, which many of our customers currently do. The customer is responsible for providing a trailer or vehicle that can handle large and heavy items.

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