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Product Description

The Ware Bird Central Bird Cage features a centralized feeding system with adjustable perches. The clear, plastic reservoir makes it easy for you to monitor the seed levels. The centralized feeder helps keep messes contained inside cage. The seed tube can be accessed from the top so you can easily refill food or it can be removed completely for cleaning. The perching system is adjustable for different sized birds.

What’s Included?

  • Wood Perch(es)
  • Tray
  • 1 Food Cup(s)


  • Centralized feeding system reduces the amount of seed thrown outside of cage
  • Clear, seed tube makes it easy to monitor the seed levels
  • Includes Water Bottle, Feeder and 2 Wooden Perches with adjustable positioning
  • Perching system is adjustable for different sized birds

Product Details

  • Bird Type: Finch; Parakeet & Budgie
  • Bird Cage Type: Starter Bird Kit
  • Cage Stand Included: No
  • Tray Included: Yes
  • Cage Top Design: Scalloped Shell/Victorian
  • Perch Included: Yes


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