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Extend the life of your litter while saving space as well with the Petmate Corner Sifting Litter Pan System. This system contains three stacked pans, and allows you to sift clumps out of your litter that are easily discarded once removed while continuing to use the remaining litter. Meanwhile, its great shape is designed specifically for placement in corners, allowing you to save space.Features:

  • Space saving
  • Easy to clean
  • Extends life of litter
  • For use with clumping litter
    Includes: 1 Corner sifting litter pan system
    Intended Pet(s): Cats
    Material(s): Plastic
    Color: Grey
    Product Dimensions: 26 in x 19 in x 11.7 in
    To set up, place sifting tray between the two litter pans. With all three pans stacked, fill the top pan with litter. Lift the sifting tray out of the second litter pan, shaking gently to sift clumps out of litter. Discard clumps from sifter tray in a trash receptacle. Place the empty sifter tray into the empty litter pan. Place the pan with sifted litter on top. Add more clean litter as needed.


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